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Neuro-balance therapy is a type of physical therapy that helps people improve their balance and coordination. It is often used to treat people with balance disorders, such as dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance. The therapy focuses on retraining the brain and body to work together to maintain balance.

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Neurobalance Therapy

What is Neuro Balance Therapy?

Neuro Balance Therapy is a natural and very effective remedy that helps restore dead nerves in the foot. Christopher Wilson created this ten-second lifesaving remedy to help people suffering from foot- related balance issues. With this lifesaving procedure, you can revitalize your body and bring it back to life.

Our neuro-balance therapy is considered a suitable choice in this regard which helps the patients, suffering from balanced issues, which occur in the foot of older people owing to dead nerves. This therapy is not limited to older people alone. People, irrespective of age and weight, can choose this therapy.

As you implement our Neuro-balance therapy in your life, you can stimulate the peroneal nerve of the foot. Our morning ritual helps improve peoples stability, balance, and strength to avoid falls. The peroneal nerve stimulates the muscles of the lower parts of the body, like the leg, ankle, and leg.

Opting for our regular workout routine during warm-up is recommended as it helps enhance the foot-balancing ability. So, people will have the necessary strength to walk. In addition, it maintains the foot balance, and thus they will not suffer from vertigo and dizziness problems.

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How does Neuro Balance Work?

Our neuro-balance therapy boasts simple routines and workouts that you can perform during workouts and watching TV. They include basic exercises which you should complete daily. You do not need to seek the assistance of gym experts to implement the workout.

Whether a person is a newbie, an intermediate, or an athlete, he can perform the therapy exercises. It effectively rejuvenates the peroneal nerve, improving foot muscle strengthening and muscle contraction.

Such exercises focus on the peroneal nerve, creating a stronger connection between the body and mind.

It is possible to perform the exercises using the spike pall every 10 seconds. It plays an integral role in activating the foot’s sleeping nerves.

As you introduce these exercises and techniques of our program in your daily routine to jumpstart your day, you will witness the results over 14-30 days. There are scopes to perform such stretches with the use of the spike ball while playing games, watching television, or using mobile phones. As you follow

them for a few minutes daily, you will be sure that they will offer sufficient strength to the foot muscles so that you can continue jogging and different social activities.

Such exercises also help improve balance. Thus, older people will feel independent and do not need to worry about falling and slipping anymore. Moreover, they effectively enhance the body’s strength and flexibility. They also help improve the body posture during sitting, standing and sleeping. The Peroneal Nerve needs to be awakened to prevent falling and slipping. Our Neuro balance therapy helps to achieve that without taking too much trouble.

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Where To Buy Neuro Balance Therapy ?

The Neuro Balance Exercises are available on the respective official websites. The company
sells its goods on DVD, which can be viewed on personal computers, portable DVD players, and
laptops. Each video walks you through a series of actions designed to stimulate the peroneal
nerves and is organized in a sequence for your convenience.

Contents of the program

Neuro balance therapy is an exercise guide you can do at home as it does not need ample space or other special equipment. You will feel better as you perform the exercises mentioned in our program. These exercises are considered light and ultra-soft stretches, which are believed to be an excellent option for people of different ages. You are going at your own pace, according to your needs, as you follow the exercises.

It is possible to perform the exercises while standing and sitting. As people opt for our program, they can witness positive effects within 14 days of starting. Now, we will tell you about the contents of our therapy.

Our neuro balance therapy is categorized into three levels: beginner, advanced and intermediate. It provides the optimum choice for therapeutic and steady advancement. It is recommended to practice these exercises regularly to reap the most benefits.

Our therapy is an excellent choice for senior people who are more than 60 years of age. Though you cannot find the root cause of the issue, it is possible to treat balance disorders using the program naturally. As you purchase our therapy, you will receive a spike ball and DVD so that you can perform

the exercises regularly.

1 . DVD

This DVD comes with easy and simple movement and stretching exercises, which you can perform at home without using expensive types of equipment. Whether you are a neophyte in the exercise regime or not a regular gym person, it is possible to perform such stretching exercises efficiently.

You will be able to copy the videos on your smartphone or computer in DVD format, after which you can work on them as you watch them. Chris Wilson, equipped with several years of exercise, designed the DVD. It helps strengthen the foot and leg muscles on an exclusive scale.

The spike ball that comes with this therapy offers a helping hand in activating the body’s nerves, releasing stress and tension. So, people can find an improvement in the foot balancing of the body. The ball is composed of the crystallized spike, which helps revive the foot’s dead nerves.

2. Introduction videos

Our therapy includes a video which tells you the techniques to restore the ability of the body to feel steady and balanced. So, you can quickly review how the specific program will help avoid accidental falls and trips. As you go through this video, you will also find tips to use the therapy and get faster relief.

3. Beginner Video

As you walk through the beginner video, you are introduced to the steps to use the program. It includes 10 actions where the first two crucial ones help activate the feet receptors. They are also helpful in activating the leg neurons. Moreover, you can learn the techniques to perform the movements and how

they benefit you.

4. Intermediate

This video is equipped with a 10minute tutorial, which starts with the barefoot and spiky ball for a minute. Now, you will go to the following exercise set, which is considered more sophisticated than the

last. As you go through the videos, you will come across many tips which tell you how to act if you feel dizzy.

5. Advanced

Now, as you go to this video, you will know about the advanced routine of exercises. The primary difference between this routine and the last ones is that they are more sophisticated and add a finishing touch to the therapy.

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Neuro balance therapy has become popular as it helps improve people’s stability, strength and


This program does not include any complex steps. It takes less than 101 minutes to complete the video exercises. If a person does not get the prerequisite support after using our therapy, they can opt for money back guarantee. We provide a money-back guarantee for 60 days. So, people can try the

program without worrying about risks.


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The Downloadable Version Of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program


Because shipping times can vary depending on where you live, I wanted you to have instant access to the whole program so you can get started immediately without waiting.

That means you’ll receive the entire follow-along coaching video series, showing you from soup to nuts what activities to do each day to achieve rock-solid balance.

Plus, you’ll get a digital copy of the Neuro Balance Therapy manual with more detail about the peroneal nerve, the mind-body connection, and exercise pictures and descriptions.

Whether you prefer video demonstrations or getting your information from the downloadable manual, you’ll have what you need to get started immediately after ordering.

Benefits of Neuro Balance Therapy

People with poor balance and instability might be disappointed with life. It is difficult for them to go out because they fear tripping and failing. It might lead to severe injuries.

Many people have the wrong notion that taking pills and medicines might help solve the issues. However, it will not be true, as they are recognized to be pain-relieving pills. Though they offer temporary relief, they will not be capable of solving the main problem.

Choosing our neuro balance therapy is worth mentioning in this regard as it allows you to introduce the natural techniques to improve foot stability and balance. Moreover, they offer the prerequisite strength so that they can walk along.

Also referred to as the balances strengthening program, our program is available in DVD format. It comes with stretches and exercises which help develop the foot balance ability. They stimulate the dead

nerves of the foot, preventing sudden slips and falls.

You can say a permanent bye to the therapist fees, surgeries, and doctor fees, thereby saving ample money. You can say no to the side effects of medicine and pills as you get introduced to our therapy. So, you will be relieved from the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness.

✔️ Following neuro balance therapy offers relaxation from the worries about seeing the gym teacher, physical therapist, or doctor. Moreover, you do not need to use any specific kind of orthotics.

✔️ You can enjoy different kinds of outdoor terrains. The best part is that you can say no to the risks of falling and tripping.

✔️ Our therapy helps you eliminate the anxiety and fear problems, which can cause a lack of enthusiasm and vitality in your life.

✔️ Neuro Balance is budget-friendly and practical to activate the foots dead nerve.

✔️ You will witness observable changes within the initial 14 days of use.

✔️ Our therapy lacks life-altering operations and rehabilitation programs, which might lead to permanent damage.

✔️ As the program is entirely natural, it provides a faster track so that you can remain safe.

✔️ You will feel confident and strong as you adopt our therapy.

✔️ The exercises introduced in our therapy boost mobility so you can move quickly.

✔️ The free spike ball which comes with our program helps restore the balance.

✔️ It encourages you to adopt a proactive and healthier lifestyle to support the person’s overall health.

✔️ You can execute the daily tasks without worrying about losing your balance.

Neuro Balance Customers Review


Like Jane from Florida who says “Once my husband died, I was scared to do things around my house because I was alone and always felt shaky on my feet. It gave me a lot of anxiety even doing the simplest of tasks. But now, I breeze through chores, errands and without the help of my walking cane. I feel so stable and nimble now.

Charles Adams


Or John from New Jersey who says “After my scary spill and trip to the ER, I wasn’t myself for over a year. I feared walking down the stairs in my two-story house so I slept on the couch most nights. It felt like I was losing control of my life and that my time was up. But now, I’m back in my bed and that fear is gone.

Ava Roberts


Or Lana from Texas who said “my mom has fallen several times over the last 10 years with numerous injuries. Besides her fear of heights, she’s developed a fear of falling so severe that she was deathly afraid to even sit at the edge of the bed. But thank God for this. It’s given her, her life and freedom back.

Colton Morris

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How long will any consumers have to participate in Neuro-Balance Therapy program to get the benefits?

Most people start seeing a difference in balance and stability within the first two weeks. However, most people start seeing a change much sooner. Every person is quite different, so the rate at which they progress can vary from one to the following user.

Can Neuro-Balance Therapy be purchased anywhere else?

No. The only way users can access the program is through the official website, and it won’t be available through other vendors in person or online.

Will users have to bother about additional charges or fees?

Users will only be charged once for access to Neuro-Balance Therapy. The total cost is $47, though users will have to pay a delivery charge if they get a physical copy.

How much does neuro balance therapy cost?

A $97 value. However, it’s yours free today with your purchase of the Neuro-Balance Therapy program. The home is where most deadly trips and falls occur.

What is neuro-balance therapy?

Neuro-BalanceTherapy DVD helps you eliminate anxiety and fear problems, which can cause a lack of enthusiasm and vitality in your life. Neuro-Balance Therapy is budget-friendly and practical to activate the foot’s dead nerve. You will witness observable changes within the initial 14 days of use Neuro-Balance Therapy.

What is the neurorehab and balance center?

The NeuroRehab and Balance Center is an outpatient neurological therapy clinic focusing on improving our patients function and quality of life. We are a leader in treating complex balance disorders. Our team works to provide advanced care for patients with neurological disorders and balance issues. We provide programs to meet your individual needs.

Can neurological physical therapy help with mobility & balance issues?

Neurological physical therapy can help you with mobility and balance issues caused by neurological conditions. Depending on how severe your condition is, you may receive this therapy as an inpatient or an outpatient.

Neuro Balance Therapy

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